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  • Made to measure is a more affordable option than bespoke for the man who wants to stand out from the pack.

  • It is a semi-collaborative effort where you can customize one of my current designs in your choice of leather, colors, closures, and linings. You get 1 consultation with me to discuss details about your garment.

  • I modify an existing pattern to your measurements, and you get 1 in person or remote fitting with a team member.

made to measure process

  1. Start by choosing one of my designs below to customize.

  2. The customize page lets you choose options from a range of leathers, colors, and linings.

  3. When you click the submit button, you will be directed to the appointment page to schedule a consultation with me. There is not obligation to purchase, and no pressure to schedule the consultation immediately.

  4. When you're ready, we'll meet on Zoom and we will go over the details of your design. With image editing software, I can make changes you request, and you can see how your garment will look, in real time.

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