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  • Bespoke attire are one of a kind pieces for the man who likes to stand in the spotlight.

  • It is a collaborative effort where you get to work directly with me, the craftsman.  The goal is to inspire you and create a dream garment that expresses your individuality and fits into your lifestyle. You can bring your own ideas and designs to the process, such as photos or an actual garment that you want me to recreate. Or, start with one of my existing designs and we can modify it into something totally different and exciting that you will love.

  • You get a personalized pattern made to fit your unique body shape, which I keep to make you new garments upon request. The fittings can be done in person or remote over Zoom.

  • Bespoke clients can have artwork, made with exotic leathers, and sterling silver (or brass) specialty hardware added to their garments. You get more options to choose from, than made to measure clients, such as kinds of leather, colors, linings, and details, like pockets and collars.


Fit is about more than just looking good in the mirror. A great fitting leather jacket allows you to have range of motion so you can turn your body and raise your arms. This is what makes garments feel comfortable to wear. When I create a garment, I have functionality in mind as well as accentuating your best features. 


My jackets have an extra layer of fabric (polar fleece) between the outer leather shell and the lining.  Polar fleece has excellent insulating properties, it's lightweight, and soft which help make your leather jacket even more comfortable to wear, while keeping you warm.

the bespoke process


The bespoke process starts with a consultation between you and me on Zoom.  This is the time for you to tell me what your looking for, or we can do some brainstorming. Understanding your interests and likes helps come up with ideas  of clothing designs you might like. With Zoom's screen share feature, you can see your dream garment come together in your choice of leather, colors, and details. Afterwards, I send you a quote, with all the details we discussed, and a link to schedule your next appointment. You can still make additional changes, and there is no obligation to purchase. We'll start when your ready.


When you are ready to move forward, set up an appointment to get measured for your personalized pattern. I will take your measurements in person. One of the best ways to create your pattern is from a garment that you provide. Let's say you have jacket that you love the fit of. Send it to me, and I'll use it to make your pattern and return it to you.


Once your pattern is made, I cut and sew a test sample for your first fitting. The test sample is a replica of your garment, made in white denim, that allows me to refine the fit and design to your approval. Fittings take place in front of a mirror, so you can see how the sample looks and tell me how you like it, or what you want changed. It takes about 3 fittings for personalized bespoke patterns to be perfected.


After you approve the test sample, I start meticulously constructing your garment. The whole process takes approximately 4 weeks, depending on your availability for fittings.

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