Let others know you care about your country with a mask that says so.


We’ve created this mask for you in true, red, white, and, blue kidskin. It’s fully lined in soft lamb - for comfort and that added touch of luxury. The contoured shape of our design provides a perfect fit for your nose and mouth - it won’t slide off, the way other masks do. Instead of a nose-wire, we have sewn 1/4” foam pads into the top of the mask to block air and reduce fogging.


Since leather is water-proof, our face mask won’t absorb dust and grime - they stay clean throughout the day. Perforated holes in the leather shell minimize dust penetration. Any dirt or muck that gets on the surface can be easily wiped away with a disinfecting hand wipe.* Each mask comes with three 9-ounce washable canvas filters that fit easily into the lining.**


-Comfortable form-fitting design stays in place

-Perforated front panel and lining for breathing

-Impervious to dust and easy to clean with hand wipe

-Replaceable canvass filters included with mask

-Spraying steam on the mask will also disinfect it from virus particles.***


*Avoid getting bleach on ear bands, as it can deteriorate the elastic over time.


**This study from Cambridge University shows how canvass performs at blocking particles “The Best Coronavirus Face Mask Materials, According To A New Study


***This article from the Center of Disease Control explains more: “Steam Sterilization

Mens - Freedom Face Mask

SKU: M2-100